Complaint: This Bogus company is trying to claim a debt for not paying a toll in Florida for a man who passed away 6 years ago. This letter is signed by a J. Kelly Burnette, Attorney at law. What a joke. You are playing with a person who is part of the Government. Think of a couple of three letter words that might fit that name. Your addresses include P.O. Box 904111 Charlotte, NC 28290-4111. Next P.O.Box 659443 San Antonio, TX 78265, and P.O.Box 56107 Jacksonville, FL. 32241. I am presently screening J. Kelly Burnette. Better Think again about what you are doing, I suggest people toss this out ASAP.

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Address: PO BOX 56107 Jacksonville, Florida USA


Phone: 1(877) 258-5261