This company turns out to be out of China even though they have a Maryland address. They do NOT return your money. Their clothing pics look great on line. When you get them the material is poor and the workmanship looks like young kids learning how to sew did it. When you return the items you pay for the return. That’s okay. Then they don’t give the money. First they say, you can keep all if we return half, or you can keep half if we return a quarter of what you bought. Then when you pay to ship the unwanted items back, they do NOT give you your money back. They are a SCAM. A huge scam. Their site is awful to deal with and they have no intention of dealing with you in a professional manner or giving money back even for items returned. Pass the word on, Link She is a rip off big time!!!!!!!!!!!

14945 CarryBack Dr North Potomac, Maryland United States

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