I ordered a High wait sleeveless Maxi dress on Jan 18 with the expeited shipping for 12.99, hoping that I would receive the item within 2-5 business days. So, I decided to check the processing status, which is still in payment received / processing stage but the funds were pulled out of my credit card. Now, its going on two weeks and I still havent received my item. When I went on the website I wanted to contact someone to see whats going on with my item, come to find out that there isn’t a contact number; so you have to contact them by email. The first email it took 2 days for a response and they stated that were so sorry your item is hot sale products, which is short of stock, we are trying to prepare it , once we have it , we will send your items as soon as possible, hope you can understand. have a nice day. Now, Im pissed and No, I don’t understand!Then, I sent another email informing them that I’m getting the run around becasue if the item was short of stock, it should have been posted on the website. There response was “Due to the coming holiday from 27th Jan. to 2nd Feb.

no shipping will be offered during this time and emails and tickets will not be replied either. Do you still want the order ?”” Now

I’m pissed again becasue your saying due to a holiday no shipping is being sent out and you will not be responding to any replies and Yes

please cancel my order

I want a refund but I still haven’t received a response becasue there holding out until the 27th. So