Complaint: Lise Winicki scammed us. She answered an Airbnb listing for our home the day before we left for vacation, asked to pay direct, stayed in our home while we were away, wrote a check that bounced and has never paid. She owes us $1200. She has repeatedly promised to pay, but never does. She makes appointments that she cancels week after week after week. She is perhaps unwell or she is a bona fide grifter. Our description fits others I am reading online so this appears to be a repeat offender. lise speaks with a French accent, is adept at winning trust, and has a story about parents in the Caribbean, a yoga community in New York, a startup focused on coconut water, etc. She is an unapologetic liar and seems to enjoy being in touch and making promises that she never keeps. Please be warned. Lise Winicki is not to be trusted.

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: Internet USA

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: (323) 608-1203