The vehicle I was interested in which was listed online was fake. I had been in email correspondence with the dealer for two weeks before setting up a time to drive the car I was interested in – an Audi a4. Some red flags showed up before I actually showed up at the dealership; the listing had the car listed as a manual, then as an automatic further down in the description. Also, the two people I talked to couldn’t seem to agree which it was. Another thing about the car changed when I called them the day I called and later visited for a test drive; the sales lady said the car was blue rather than white which was listed. So lo and behold, when I got to the dealership it wasn’t there. The guy I first talked to said he wasn’t sure if they had it, but he’d “check in the back”. The next guy came up and quickly diverted my attention to different used vehicles, way different and out of the price range for the audi I thought they had. Once I inquired about it, he said “We don’t have Audi”. It was a complete waste that I even showed up at the dealer, but that was their only goal apparently. .

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