Hi, Approx 12 months ago I had a problem with my computer, through the internet they game me Live Technologies No. I called Live Techs, and had to pay up front $499.00 U/S to fix it, I did this Via credit Card. | Two weeks ago a guy calls from L / tech, informing me that they had charged my credit card another $499.00 U/S for a further 12 months. Following his call I immediately called my bank and cancelled my credit card, however, even though I cancelled my card he has still managged to withdraw the $499.00. With the U/S exchange rate, and international transaction fees, this company withdrew a total of $651.39 Aust. I used this company for ( a one time only ) transaction, and NEVER agreed to continue on with any further costs other then the first transaction. | I have tried to call ALL the numbers for Live Tech’s, however, all those, plus any others I’ve gotten from the net are all non responsive. | I can’t believe that they are able to withdraw such a huge amount of money from my account, when they have not been given any right to do so. | I trust you can help with this matter, and will look forward to your reply. | Many Thanks in advance, Kind Regards, Mark Sutton.