Complaint: These idiots are a real piece of work!! I applied through to an employment ad for a recruiter position. This guy named Marcelo Cruz calls me and we have a really great conversation about the company and what he is looking for in a recruiter. I feel pretty excited about the position when we hang up. He, of course built me up saying that he is looking for 3 strong recruiters and out of everyone he spoke to previously, I had the most experience and the desired skill set he was looking for. A day went by and I get another email from this guy. Keep in mind, he never gives me a phone number to contact him…should have been my first clue this was not on the up and up. So, anyway the email states that he has not been able to get in touch with Long Nguyen or DSI for me to do a second interview, but he was given the green light to offer me the job, but he wanted to have one more discussion with me before the offer. Ok, I thought. So, the next day he calls me and when I ask specific questions about the company…he states I would have to sign a non-disclosure form before he could give me any info. Red light!!!! No company does this. I have to find out about a company before I commit myself to it. I asked if they were listed with the Better Business Bureau…he did not know. I asked how long he had been with the company…2 wks. wow!!! I asked why so much bad information was on the internet about them, he said its just a bunch of disgruntled ex employees. Yeah, I just bet! Would not go into ANY detail about Long Nguyen or Cory Miller…hmmmm. All the responsibilities he was mentioning about the job, I believed the job to be within my normal pay range. Not even! We are talking about secretaries get paid more than he was barking about! What he was trying to pay someone was BELOW a fair compensation for recruiters. I mentioned that to this idiot Marcelo, and stated in order for me to work I needed a heck of a lot more than what he was offering. Next thing you know…I get an email today stating the position had been filled and “good luck in my future endeavors”” screw you! I am just saying all of this to let anyone reading this know to stay away from someone you can’t even reach by phone…who the hell does that anyway? Not a legit company I assure you! Please do not do any business with these ppl. You will be ripped off!!!”

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