Loan Correction Services is taking advantage of home owners struggling in the tough economic times. They claimed they would reduce my mortgage payment almost in half through a loan modification. After paying them $1599.99 they did little for 3 months which forced my home into foreclosure. After finding out from my mortgage company that modifications are free I asked the company to refund my money. They fought hard. After threatening a BBB report they offered me $1000.00. I took the money to pay on my mortgage but am angry that the additional $599.00 is mine and I could be using that to work on catching up my mortgage. They took advantage of me and my family. They did nothing to help and in fact made things worse. I am seeking a refund for the remainder of the money that I paid.

185 NW Spanish River Blvd. #200B Boca Raton, Florida United States of America


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