Complaint: Now it is not in good nature to report lawyers and those who do not practice good law but from time to time they must be reported. If you do any diligence then you would know that blindly sending threatening letters is no good. As Loeb & Loeb LLP who is undoubtedly going to be losing business over this Ripoff Scams complaint because I would never ever hire them after seeing them on this site. I am disgusted that their lawyers impractically are threatening my livelihood and did not take the simple care to do the proper diligence for their clients. If you can’t do proper research for your legal clients then how can you bill so much money Douglas Loeb who is the Partner and Deputy Chair at the Chicago, Illinois based law firm. Let this be a lesson to any lawyer who tries to scam and rip off their clients when you can save them billable hours by simply making one phone call. Instead you cost your clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stop ripping people off and do your homework.

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