I stayed in the Loews Hotel Royal Pacific Resort when I booked it on the universal orlando website. The hotel is absolutely beautiful and well kept. The hotel room was very well taken care of and the beds seem new and the room itself overall was in excellent condition except for the issue I had with the AC unit and management. nThe problem I had could have been easily avoided but it was the management which is absolutely nightmare. When we checked in our room we went to get chinese take out we came about 30 minutes later we wanted to eat our food then go to sleep so we can enjoy the day at Universal Studios. n However we noticed the room being extremely hot so we waited 1/2 hour to let the room cool down but it didnt get any cooler so we called management around 9:30 P.M. to request a room change management didnt want to change rooms and had the engineer call me at midnight to only tell me he would go to our room to work on the AC unit in a 1/2 hour. n I told him this was unacceptable that it is now to late and we are tired and just want a room change to get to sleep. I said I should not suffer as a paying customer if the room needs repairs. nHe said he has 0 authority and would talk to his supervisor about this. After an hour no one called me so I called back only to get the run around. They told me because I spoke to the Engineer who specializes in the AC unit there is nothing else they can do. I called again and again to get the run around. At 3:00 A.M. about 6 hours later a young man who claimed to be the manager barged in our room he said he would allow to switch rooms only if the room seemed hot to him. However my Finacee was not fully dressed and didnt ask me if i was by myself or with a guest he just allowed himself in and pretended not to see a women half dressed. He agreed the room was extremely hot and said “many times our guests are dishonest and just want to get a free upgrade”” I said at 3 in the morning? I said at this point what does it matter? He said he wouldnt stay in the room himself

then I asked him to get out of the room because we did not feel comfortable with him coming in the room in the first place. nThe AC complaint now turned safety violation of invading the customers rights and privacy. I realized later on that this man was not the manager nor the assistant manager because the hotel indicated that no manager or assistant manager ever went to our room at 3:00 A.M. If this is the case then this hotel worker impersonated a manager to resolve an issue. we were finally able to switch rooms

our room was on the opposite side of the hotel we were exhausted so when we finally got to our new room after packing it was then 3:30 we finally got to sleep around 3:50 A.M. and they gave us a free breakfast. But we stayed at this hotel for 1 purpose so we can go to Universal studios and Islands of Adventures and the next morning we were so exhausted that we went on 2 rides then drove back home to south florida. I made a complaint to corporate office they took months and months to respond and then finally the hotel made this statement: It appears your a free loader you got an upgrade room and free breakfast what else do you want? For the hotel management to make this statement clearly shows they treat there guests beneath the standard of care. They are not classy nor professional what they should have said in certified letter: We apologize for the problems that you had and we are making efforts so this problem will never occur and we will return your money to you. Once again we are truly sorry for what has happened. The end did they do that absolutely Not! Instead they have been extremely rude


and completely unprofessional. nTo the Hotel What about security