Complaint: I paid $299.99 to LogMeInResque via Kena Solutions to fix my computer. They got in my computer and messed around for a couple hours. They messed up a lot of things and I had to do system restore to get it working again. When I complained to them, they keep calling me from 423-381-0904 to refund my money. Today they called and got me to press Cltr/i so they could refund my money and got in my computer again. I kept telling the guy, Steven Parker, who spoke poor English to get out of my computer. He said he was not in it but I could see my mouse moving all over when I wasn’t touching it. I finally powered down my computer. When I powered it up again, it asked for a password, whitch I never use. I did manage to do system restore to get it back though. Then the guy on the phone told me he could get into my computer any time he wanted to. Is he right?

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 423-381-0904