Complaint: It took these lying irresponsible indivuals 7 days to respond to me after I paid them 160.00 I needed an exisitng Logo Revamped or some things added to it, they came back with 4 generic and ugly designs thatg not only were wrong but had nothing to do with the logo I provided them. I wanted to speak to a manager and guy by the name of David answered, he said he was a graphic designer, manager and Executive manager all in one and just so happened to pick up the phone.I then was tranferred to another “manager”” named Darryl(funny thing is that they all speak with heavy accents and all have “”very american names”” I’m sure they are the real names. he then passed me to someone else and priomised to have a design for me within an hour after 7 days of waiting and their turnaround promise is 48 hours. Never got it back in time and till today havent received the refund of my 160.00. please go to a real graphic designer or youll pay the price for trying to go the cheap route. And one more thing

Tags: Computer Graphics

Address: they dont even know where in California they are located

Website: Internet USA

Phone: one said Piedmont