Complaint: I contacted this company for a logo design. I was promised a 48 hour turn around time and a money back guarantee if I was not satisfied with the services. So, ignoring the negative reviews all over the internet I took a chance. They give the money back if you are not satisfied right, WRONG!! After 48 hours I did not have the design. The next day I called to inquire and conveniently my account manager (Nick Watson) was out sick that day. I notified them that the deadline was yesterday. Then I got he has been out the last two days. REALLY!! I ask for and refund and was transferred over to another account manager who gave more false promises. After 15 minutes of speaking he tells me I am processing your claim to refund your money. EYEBROW RAISED!! I asked him my last name (he did not know) then I asked the name of my project (he did not know). How are you processing a refund claim and you have no idea who or what project it is for. I gave all of my information and was told I would have confirmation in 24 hours. 3 days later I call back. Same issue. This time Nick Watson, the assigned project manager, tells me he has to send in a paper request for the refund and it would take 48 hours for confirmation. This was on 1/16/17. 1/25/17 and still no refund. I call back and speak with Nick today. He states he is sorry about the delay, there is nothing he can do, it is not his job to figure this out. Well, sir, what am I supposed to do about my refund. And once again I am told to wait. I tell him I have been waiting. Final response, oh well ma’am. Please DO NOT use this company. Do not be like me and ignore reports and bad reviews. THE BAD REVIEWS ARE ALL TRUE!!! Logo design cafe is a SCAM!!

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 650-392-7312