Fraud occurred in this sense 1) The works of art were not inspected after/before they were paid for (as this was not allowed by the processor) 2) The “certificate of authenticity”” are not valid. 3) The worth of these pieces (including the jewelry) were GROSSLY overestimated to those participating in the auction. 3) No one that we contacted had a license to auction property either in the state of NY (which the company says its from) nor in the state of FL. 4) The only licenses listed were for Premium Art Alliance which has been involved in various fraud cases since August of 2013 concerning fraudulent auction practices. In addition

no one under the name Adam Levinson appears to be currently licensed as an auctioneer in Florida

or NY or Georgia (where the company is still operating and is incorporated). The only time this information is listed is in advertisements. on 1/19/2015 at around 11:35 I began to participate on the auction which a circular that came to my home was advertising. This auction was already on the way. The auctioneer along with another auctioneer (whose name was not told to me because I was late) was described. My information was not taken I was simply given a number at the entrance when I arrived. There were two Asia (Indian and Chinese ladies sitting in the two front rows). Two Caucasian ladies sitting next to each other towards the back and a Caucasian dark haired male sitting also towards the back of the room. The first item was auctioned and it was a (per description made by auctioneer “” A very valuable “”Camille Passer one of a kind hand signed Woodcut piece

made pre world war II in which most fine arts were destroyed””; he added

“”in fact only 15% of all fine art in the world survived this period and this is such a piece.”” The auctioneered mentioned that similar items were often sold at auction for “”$15