Hired this clown to change out old irrigation pump. I couldn’t be there afterwards to check it till weeks later since it was a friends home I was

looking after while there were in their summer home in another state. There

are 7 zones for the entire yard & not one had enough pressure for the heads

to pop up. Had him come back (after several calls) to find the problem which he said was in the well it’s self & wanted to charge me another $250 to dig it up. Guy was very rude, disrespectful & inconsiderate. Called pasco pump to come look at it & they said it was the wrong style pump. Lore installed a JET pump & the old unit & correct style was a centrifugal pump. Said he would buy back the pump if indeed it turned out to be the wrong one. No response to my phone

calls or emails. Once the correct pump was installed…everything worked fine. This guy is a CON ARTIST & A LIAR. Tell your friends & anyone else to run like the wind

from doing business with this idiot. He doesn’t know what he’s doing!!!!!!!!. I demand refund. I don’t recommend them

  • #Travis Avery
  • #Travis Avery

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