Complaint: Her first name is Lorena,she places her ads azcentral once she gets your deposit on a pup, you may never see the pup you picked out again. She pull that one on us , when we went to take blanket to pup.She brought out this black puppy with long ears, Im sure it was part of the litter as she had just had her dashound fixed.So Im sure the yorkie and the dashhound both got to her.I told her I did not buy that puppy, and she tried her best to make me take it, she was a rude , lying person that no one should have to put up with when they are paying good money for pup.Im sure that was the only litter she had, we saw the parents.She finally went and bought the other 2 yorkies down, one was the one I had picked out from the first, then she told me Terri, my friend i had reccommened her to , bought that dog, I said you sold the same dog to 2 people, she said no yours is the other yorkie, now mine is a yorkie , not the black puppy.But not the right yorkie puppy.I went to pick her up today, she would not talk to me , I had to take the puppy or lose my money to her, and I know she gave me the right yorkie, after I paid for her, she opened the door and waved to it, like get we left. My friend will be picking up her pup on the 10th and bringing her over then I will be able to tell for sure which pup is which, I took pic the second time I was there, she also runs a day care and I would not leave my kids with her. It was hard but 3 weeks before we picked them up we finally got her to let us take pick of them..the one I got does not look like either, She would not show us the other one when we went to pick her who knows, she was really mad that we took pictuers when we came the second time to bring the pup a blanket she said she gave 2 shots, she gave us no shot record.Did not even tell us the kind of puppy food the puppy had been eating. I have never met any one that you were paying for something from them to be as rude and hateful as this person was.

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Address: 9455 W. Hubbl street Phoenix, Arizona United States of America