I found out over the summer of 2013 that my husband had cheated on me with a very close friend of ours. I became very suspicious of their relationship in October of 2013, one week after I had our 2nd child together. He was no longer sleeping in the bedroom, she was at our house all the time, and there were thousands of text messages between them. I asked them both almost daily if there was something going on between them and they would always say they were just close friends. I tried everything I could to figure out what was going on that me and everyone else was missing but got nowhere. || In March of 2013 I decided to move out because my relationship with my husband no longer existed. Finally sometime in June of 2013 an unknown person sent me a message on Facebook with a screenshot of a conversation between them. I confronted them both about it and they finally admitted to sleeping together, but only once. At that point I had already decided to move on without him and I was doing fine. Then began texts and emails and phone calls from friends and family telling me all sorts of things that I knew nothing about, still they denied everything. So again, I am trying to move on, and he tells me he loves me and wants me back, so I call the homewrecker and ask her to tell me the truth because I am tired of the lies and the drama, and she tells me she has been sleeping with my husband since July of 2012, they never stopped sleeping together to this day, may I add that I allowed this woman in the delivery room when I had my 2nd child from my husband. Again I confronted him and he denied it all calling her a liar. || It’s unbelievably sad and I have never been so disgusted to call that woman my friend or to marry a man that would hurt me so badly. They are both nothing but cheaters and liars and they need to be exposed for who they truly are.