As I was walking out of McDonalds on Fulton street, a guy comes up to me at 12:45pm and asks for directions to the closest Century21. Unsure, I looked around and tried to guide his way. He then proceeds to complimenting my voice and how it sounds good for cartoon voicing. He then seemed very interested, and asked if i was interested in voicing cartoons. nHe said he usually doesn’t go up to people in the streets, but heard my voice and thought it would be perfect. He seemed like a truthful person, so i continued to listen. He asked for a few minutes of my time and whether i was interested in the job to voice cartoons. He insisted that he works for a big company and is in a hurry but he will take time to talk about the job if i was interested. He knew that it would have been hard for me to trust him at that moment, therefore, he took out his wallet and showed me his “business card””. I only had time to read the name

but not the rest of the card. nHe talked about his company and how they were hiring people to voice cartoons for the summer. He asked if i knew about companies like Vh1 and Volcom and told me if i wanted the job

i would be working for Nickelodeon. He took out other business cards and i saw a Nickelodeon card

but i don’t even know how real Nickelodeon business cards would look like. He was trying to prove that he exists

and when he was showing me the business cards