Complaint: Louie Frias sold me a house in Las Vegas and failed to comply with the disclosure laws of the State of Nevada. The house I purchased was known to have major structural issues, with the main beam under the house not being up to code for a two-story house. Within two weeks of moving in, major cracks began to form in the sheetrock, and a reputable contractor who I used told me that he had actually inspected the house for the previous homeowner and Louie as part of the process in listing the home for sale. The contractor told both the homeowner and Louie about the structural deficiencies, and the homeowner was willing to pay to have the repairs made. Louie told the homeowner, in the contractor’s presence, to not worry about the needed repairs; that he would be able to sell the house, no problem. The contractor is willing to attest to this in court, and I am in the process of litigating the matter. I have already spoken to the Nevada Real Estate Division in the Department of Business and Industry, and they told me this is the fifth similar report they have received about Louie Frias. The process has already begun to have his license revoked, and it is up to individual victims to file suit in court. I have already spoken to an attorney about this, and will be initiating a suit shortly. Do not be taken by this con artist of a realtor. Do your business with someone else. His license will soon be revoked.

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