Complaint: This is a year long story and struggle. So I will try to sum it up. My stepson (Jason Dauzat) called CPS (was OCS) to report a situation which involved drug abuse and the babys mother (Ashley Pevey) putting our grandaughter in harms way with her drug use and multiple car wrecks (which she seemed to get away with everytime). A report was filed, her family pretty much turned their backs on her and seemed to be mad at Jason for filing. She lied to the first case worker and seemed to get away with it again and continued the behavor. I filed the next report and shortly there after my son left the relationship and started working on turning his life around. The mom lied to us and CPS and convinced the court that she had no contact with and did not know the wearabouts of the father ( a total lie due to text and cell records). So we totaly missed the first court date and by then the judge was convinced this was a case of abandonment. When we did get everybody on the same page and showed up for the second court date 6/2/11 @ 9 am, we got railed and it had already been decided for the 74 year old single grandmother (Ashley’s grandmother where she had been coming and going from and enabling her drug use) would get temporary custody and that Ashley and Jason could only have supervised visitation. When I asked the judge as to our visitation (mine and my wife’s) she told case worker Teri Cranford to get a home study done with in the next month and that we could go with Jason to see her 1 hr on Sunday afternoons. Another piece of information is that for the first 2 years of Madison’s life we saw her just about every week, weekends and holidays. My wife and I had to push to get Teri out to the house and when she did show up could not understand why we wanted this done unless we were seeking custody. We insisted, the paper work was filled out and she was out of the house lickety split. No word. The next court date was set up for first of September, then was pushed back to December 1st. Suposedly due to such a high case load. Well I have to say this I am so proud of Jason for passing his drug screens and doing what he should be doing. Quite a few times he would call to see Madison and Melda would be out of town or some other excuse. The one time my wife and I did get to go she was so excited to see here daddy first and she adores her grandmother and vise versa. She wanted to come home with us and or her daddy that day it tore my heart up to see this, she screamed and cried. The court date just came and went and I had be out of town (just started a new job), so my wife (Beverly) and Jason went, he passes another drug test, Ashley is in jail again and Teri Cranford comes over to them and tells Jason and my wife that he has not done all that he was supposed to and that we did tell her not to do our home study and that Ashly’s sister and her husband were going to be awarded legal guardianship over Madison and thats the final answer. We were also told that this court trumps Family court. So at this point we are not sure what will happen next. This news upset my wife and stepson so bad and Teri put Jason down, that they left with out staying for the hearing. I am not sure which way to turn but if this helps sombody else and just wanted to say WATCH OUT this case worker Teri Cranford DOES NOT have the child’s best instrest at heart and I do not understand how any one person or agency can have total power over destroying a family

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