I found Love Psychic Grace on Instagram, LovePsychicGrace, offering Twin Flame Readings. Despite the $10 Twin Flame special, I spent $65 for a Full Life Reading, in which she told me the man I had just broken up with was my Twin Flame, and that negative energy was keeping us apart. She said if I purchased an Spiritual Energy Healing from her, that she would be able to pray and “remove the blockages.” I fell for it. After spending the original $64, I spent an additional $175 for the so-called Healing. | After a week of missed calls, and texts, Grace said my “case was so severe” that she turned me over to a Superior Energy Healer, named Barbara. Barbara told me very similar things as Grace, that my ex was not only my Twin Flame but my Soul Mate, and that I needed to do whatever I could to get him back. A few days later, Barbara said there was a Holy Healing Amethyst on tour from the Vatican that could absorb negative energy, and that they would pray over it for 3 to 5 days in order to break the negativity and get my ex and I back together. | With all of the research I did, I could not find evidence of any such stone existing, and of course Barbara said it was a special relic that the Vatican was only touring to churches, but not for the public eye. She swore to me that if I paid. a deposit that I would get the money back with in a few days, but I knew this was false. They actually wanted me to pay them $7000 for them to rent a stone I would never see! When I told them I could not pay that amount, they dropped it $1000, saying they and their church would graciously lend me the rest since they knew they were going to get the money back. | This was clearly a lie. They buttered me up with prayers and meditations, but they had no intentions of helping me really. | Grace and Barbara (if that’s their real names) both portrayed themselves to be very religious women, refereing to God and thanking Jesus when things went correctly. They may be making money now off of innocent, uninformed victims now, but karma will get them back in the end. | Please do not waste your money on Love Psychic Grace or any of her friends!

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