Complaint: When I decided I wanted a puppy, I did my research and decided on a Boston Terrier. So I Googled “Boston Terrier Breeders””. Somehow

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Address: I stumbled upon the Loved Puppies website and I fell in love with the very first puppy I saw. His name was Leroy. Here are some facts: Boston Terriers are supposed to weigh 15-25 pounds; Leroy weighs about 30-35 pounds at two years old. Leroy gets mistaken for a pit bull or boxer when we take him out. Loved Puppies says

Website: they claimed to not even know what that was. Any decent breeder should be well aware of what luxating patellas are. After I asked them for a partial refund

Phone: “”we will only sell to individuals that we feel will take care of and love these puppies as we do and take them in to be a part of their family””. I was not asked a single question about how Leroy would be treated or what environment he would be living in. Loved Puppies guarantees your new puppy’s health until they are one year of age. When I took Leroy to the vet right after I got him