I was able to place and pay for an order for 2 films from Loving the Classics over the phone. It took a very long time for the order to arrive and I had to call several times to check on processing. Each time I called I was reassured by a woman that the order was on its way. Finally, it arrived and I watched both films. One was perfectly fine, the other was defective. nI called several times, left messages, sent emails and finally, I was able to connect with the same woman (same voice) to tell her about the defective DVD. She told me she would check with her manager and call me to confirm that another DVD would be sent as a replacement and that I should return the defective movie once I was able to watch the new one to be sure it was good quality. nI never received a phone call, I never received a replacement DVD and I’ve been calling daily … the calls go to a voicemail system, where they are never addressed and responses never come. Since the original order was placed, their phone number has changed. Now each time you call … the automated voice says the same thing: “please hold while I try to connect you … your call has been forwarded to the voicemail for ‘order processing’ … no one is available to take your call

at the tone please record your message when you’ve finished recording you may hang up or press the pound key for more options.”” The options are related to the message you are leaving … to re-record

etc. nAll I want is to rectify this issue and put the matter to bed. This is ridiculous to have to spend so much time on something so simple.”

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