This hotel was the worst EXPERIENCE ever! The owner was so rude and hateful. Went here checked in and it was so hot. No air, no Wi-Fi, no towels. The tv didn’t work nothing. All amenities are listed as part of their service. Called front desk, to ask abiut these issues and was treated like a dog. They took phone off the hook so I couldn’t call them again about the issues. Was not in this room 45 minutes when BED BUGS were discovered. The room was nasty filthy, dirty carpet, bathroom used and not clean. Went to get a refund and was denied. Lady was rude, hateful, snotty and told me to bad. I was there less than 45 minutes and she charged my card more than what I signed to pay. Phone was off hook and this owner called me and my husband curse words. Had to rent another room in another town and again refused a refund at The Lowe Hotel. This business is a scam, they use haunted as an advantage to get customers. This hotel is not haunted but a disgrace to Point Plesant WV. I would be ashamed to A. Steal from a customer, B. Rent out rooms and represent this hotel, and C. Call myself a business owner. Upon leaving another couple was also refused a refund due to poor conditions and sanitary issues of this hotel.

405 main street Point Plesant, West Virginia USA

304 675 2260