I go into my local Lowes Store and walk up to the cashier and ask her to charge me for 2 bags of concrete mix. During this time I ask her if it is okay for me to pull my truck up to the pallet outside to get the items? She says “yes that is fine””. I stop at the door and speak with a lady who is stamping receipts and also knows me from many numerous purchases. I do not inform her of my conversation with the cashier and leave the store. I get my truck and pull up and wrestle 2 bags into my pick up truck from the pallet and shut the bed. A black woman approaches me as I am entering my truck and says “” I have to have the receipt””! I stop to talk with her and tell her that I have paid and the cashiers description. ( Young Hispanic lady) She repeats that she must have the receipt and then another white male referred to as “”RJ”” also arrives. I said look

I paid

ask the cashier

I did not come here to steal 2 bags of concrete mix. RJ says that if I do not provide him a receipt that he is removing the 2 bags of concrete mix from my vehicle. I said that I would not provide anything further and at that time RJ opens the bed of my truck and removes the 2 bags of concrete mix and puts them back on the Lowes pallet. He confiscated items that I paid for from my private vehicle! The black lady who approached me initially said to me we do not think you stole it. So they are not saying I stole something they are just indicating that through their actions. I ask for a manager and speak with David (assistant manager) after about 20 minutes waiting for him to get done speaking with his employees. David approaches me and says “”what can I do for you””? Amazing and it this point he knows what has happened. I tell him to simply mark my receipt that I showed him for the 2 bags of concrete mix. He writes customer paid and that they then took the items back without permission from my truck. He tells me “”Megan”” the store manager will call me. I do not hear from Megan until after my complaint is escalated to a district manager by Lowes 1 800 customer service number. I finally speak with James Blair who says he is a district manager and he asks me to allow Megan a chance he resolve the issue. Megan says that she will give me a truck rack for my vehicle at “”no cost or very low cost””. She then calls me and wants me to pay $200.00 for a rack that costs $300.00 to resolve being humiliated and public embarassed as these non Police

non Security people treated me as a criminal stealing 2 bags of concrete that cost $8.43 cents with tax. After speaking with Megan I determine that James Blair is not giving Megan a chance to resolve the problem because she needs his approval to take any action. This is the complaint number assigned by Lowes 1-7649976031″