I usually don’t make an issue of things, but this one really got my back up. I am doing a project where I needed screws to install some Durock cement backer board onto a plywood counter, to accept some new ceramic tiles. I checked to see what the price was for the specialty screws needed to complete the project. I looked up Lowes, and they were $7.57 for a 200 count. I then realized that I was on the Lowe’s.com USA site and not the Lowe’s.ca Canadian site. | I searched to the Canadian site to find that they were $13.99. Now even with the Canadian dollar being down, the price was a little high… and then I kept on reading. THIS WAS FOR A 100 COUNT! So to get the same amount of screws that were $7.57 in USA funds, It woud have cost me $27.98 Canadian. I didn’t buy them because, if you’ll excuse the pun… I didn’t want to get screwed! Price gouging to Canadians… there’s no other explaination. I’ll buy somewhere else.. thanks.


  • Name: Lowe’s Canada
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Edmonton, Alberta
  • Address: 10141 – 13 Avenue NW
  • Phone: (780) 430-1344
  • Website: www.lowes.ca/