This past summer I purchased three ceiling fans from Lowe’s. Lowe’s at that time offered a $25 gift card if you spent over a certain amount. When I received my gift card in the mail it was for the wrong amount. I have tried contacting Lowe’s each month, to get this resolved. Via Lowe’s customer service line, the guy said I was wrong. I have a copy of what was submitted which says $25. nEvidently Lowe’s changed the terms as they saw fit (without notifying the consumer or honoring their their written word). nI’ve also sent numerous e-mails to their rebate status department and their customer service department. No action! nLowe’s has left me no choice! As this lousy deceitful company is violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act, Lowe’s has left me no choice but to file a complaint. nI will be contacting the Arizona Attorney General’s Office about this violation of the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act. Plus, I will also be filing a complaint with the Phoenix Better Business Bureau. All because I cannot seem to get this issue resolved with Lowe’s myself. nLowe’s must believe that their customers are not too bright and expect the consumer does not know their rights. There are laws out there to protect consumers from the likes of Lowe’s. nLowe’s is blatantly disregarding the law and obviously does not have ethical business practices. nPatnChandler, ArizonaU.S.A.

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