I have been a lowes installer for over a year, i am in the clarksburg west virginia store… i was sent out on a detail for a whole bathroom, kitchen sink,,, ect, i did this detail. customer wanted lowes to handle as much as possible because of the financing offered by lowes at the time. altho, lowes will not remove tubs, or showers, i have been allowed to do this on my own, we have done several great installations. customer therefor has no need to hire several people, when i did this detail, i gave 2 copies , one to my isc, one to the specialist who handled all the detail for lowes., i was then informed that the job was sold,,, i was asked to schedule it,, and did so,, i gave lowes 2 weeks notice,,, upon needing the material to do the job,,, it was not made available to me,,, i spent an entire week on the phone with them,,, listing to the customer complain, and being in the store,,, no one would help me solve this dilemma,,, as a matter of fact, several employees thought it was funny. ni had to pay my help 225 dollars for standing time,,, lost a weeks worth of work,,, after investing 100 or so of my own money in parts,,, lowes informed me that they couldent find the paper work, and because i didnt have a copy of my detail, i wasnt getting paid, for my work, ni was told by keith lorich area installation manager that the home handy man was about to learn an expensive lesson,,, i wanst getting paid, i left the store with out a contract, even tho, i was told to do it, all materials were signed out to me, i was never paid by lowes, and as a result i was not paid for the tub installation by the customer, a total loss of over 5 thousand to me,,, i ask myself could my isc have know that there was no contract,,, isnt that her job.? who do we trust.? nlowes paid me for this detail , proving it was turned in,,, several employees including the specialist spoke up,,, still loews screwed me,,, why is that.,? nJamesnBRIDGEPORT, West VirginiaU.S.A.



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