We bought a fridge from lowe’s and we were sold extended warranty. The fridge broke down and we called lowe’s to come and fix the fridge because it is still under warranty. When the technician cameand they discovered that the compressor was bad, we were told to go and rent a fridge and that the parts have been ordered. This was done via email to us.We waited few days to see if we will get a call from lowe’s but they never called us back. When we finally got hold of the customer service, we were told that it will not be covered because the dust in the house caused the compressor to break down. They failed to honor the warranty. My question is that “why Lowe’s selling a fake home appliance warranty that will never be honored””. I am sure that they have ripoff million of American’s like us. Please if you read this report. DO NOT buy any thing from Lowe’s

you will be ripoff. We went to the store

the manager will not take time to speak with us. Is this Customer Service?”

1717 East West Connector, Austell Ga 30106 Austell, Georgia United States of America