Bought Shaw carpet from Lowe’s in October of 2013, the carpet looked like it was 10 years old by February of 2014. We are a household of 4 people, no pets, very little traffic on the carpet. Lowe’s agreed to send out the original installers to see if there was a problem. Of course they said it looked fine to them and Lowe’s suggested I get it professionally cleaned! Insane right? I fought with Lowe’s and they finally called Shaw and asked for assistance. Shaw sent out their “carpet inspector”” and he took pictures. Please keep in mind that I follow-up on all of these requests 100% of the time

Lowe’s never contacts me. I called Lowe’s 2 weeks later to see what the report found from the inspector from Shaw. They called Shaw

and Shaw claimed they never received the information from their inspector. I had to call the inspector myself and he said someone was being untruthful to me because he does not get paid if he does not send in his reports. He said it was sent the next day and I needed to call Shaw and complain. Suddenly the report showed up at Shaw and Shaw said I would need to deal with Lowe’s on the findings of the report. Lowe’s said it was decided that my 3-month old carpet was wearing out due to “”normal”” wear and tear. I called Shaw and fought with them until they agreed to replace the carpet. They said they would send a confirmation letter to Lowe’s and that I could go into the store and order new carpet. Shaw said I would have to sign a statement saying I would not order the same carpet. I waited a few days to make sure Lowe’s would have the letter from Shaw so when I called

of course Lowe’s said they never received anything from Shaw. I have been going back and forth with Lowe’s and Shaw and have never gotten the same answer from either of them. Lowe’s has repeatedly lost paperwork

I have had to go in multiple times for various reasons where Lowe’s didn’t know what was going on