speaking as a former employee of lowes home improvement in store #1617 waycross ga. i was fired because i took a stance against management who attempted to rip off our customers. to give you an idea of one costomers problem. i worked in lawn and garden. and a women came in around the middle of last year wanting shade tree’s. we had one big tree and the sign said half off. so this tree that was about 200 pounds going for about $120.00 at half off should have said $60.00. the team leader comes over rolling her eyes acting like its just such a bother for us to help the customer. the team leader said it was a $120.00 and that was finial. as the team leader walked away i picked up the phone and paged a department manager. i explained that it was our fault because we didn’t move the sign. the team leader had the nerve to say someone most likely put the tree on that pallet. my responce and this was in front of the customer. i said yea this 55 year old women clinging to an air tank moved that 200 pound tree. she got it at $60.00. nIt is my hope that rip off report will let me post my report due to the wrongful termination against me. i went before the department of labor. they ruled in my favor that and i quote.”termination was at no fault of the claimant””. for some reason the district human resource manager dose not want to reinstate me. i was written up by one manager and then another manager signed off on it two days later. oh by the way. the two are related. i would love to give names and dates and expose these cowards. if you see me protesting in waycross georgia with a sign in my hand. please stop by and say hello. nJohnnwaycross


2308 Memorial Drive Waycross, Georgia U.S.A.