I bought a dishwasher from lowes. Two months after it was installed it started leaking in the front. I called lowes, they sent a service person out. They levelled the dishwasher. Two weeks later when it leaked again they sent a service person out from a differant company, he levelled the dishwasher. Three weeks later dish washer leaking again. They send a service person from the first company and he levels the dishwasher. Trip number 4 the service guy says there is a recall on the front gasket he will have to order it. Trip 5 new gasket installed, two weeks later dishwasher leaking again. By now my new laminant floor is ruined that was put in 3 weeks before the dishwasher. They wanted before and after pics to even consider sending someone to look at it. Maybe they should put a warning label on them ” this product will ruin your floor take a picture before using””. Trip 6 has not happened yet

I was told they would be here tomorrow so I took off work again

now they are saying 2 more weeks.”

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