Engaged this company to manage our property based on the promises made on their website. n”We Promise to always have your best interests at heart

so that you can have total peace of mind with your cherished Florida investment”” nI found just the opposite to be true. They had locks installed which we paid for

but lost the keys

and basically said “”Oh well””. They kicked out owners bookings in favor of their own and left the owner to find a replacement. They had inspections done which didn’t reveal a defective air unit but said all was well. nGas bill was over $500 per month in an empty house

they considered that normal. nThey had a “”go to hell”” and “”We don’t need you”” attitude when dealing with owners. nRather than peace of mind we were constantly being involved in one thing or another with the property. It was a nightmare. nCranberryworldnMedford