I am an Artist. I have a degree in Studio Art, and I make a (meager) living by painting and selling those paintings. Back in early March, I heard a new boutique was opening in Decatur and looking for local artists to consign. I saw no reason not to: I’d done well with consignment before, and I had a friend who was already consigned there. In mid-March, I signed a consignment contract for 10 paintings in the care of Janice Grady, the proprietor of Luci Bell in Decatur. 6 months later (this past Thursday), after not hearing from her, I stopped in unannounced to collect my property. She tells me that she’d “just recently packed up”” my paintings

and she was “”just about to call”” me to come pick them up. Janice goes to retrieve them

and roots around in 2-3 closets before finding and bringing them out: all 10 canvases jumbled together in a GARBAGE BAG. Angry

I left. When I got home

I went to hang them in my studio and realized they were all damaged. Some beyond repair: scratches across the face