Complaint: Yes Ive got a classic 1975 Chevy Pickup truck a classic truck I went to lucky 11 hot rods I found them on Craigslist it is a business and I called him up he said in his ad he specializes in taking a engine with a carburetor and truning into a fuel injections system.. I bought a $2,000 dollar full kit with instructions from Holley one of the most well known companies out there he said oh no problem I can have it ready ready if you bring Saturday morning by Sunday afternoon.. So then he calls me up sunday morning and says man it runs perfect .. He said just need a few more hours then it will be ready then I get a call 7 hours later saying oh by the way somethings wrong you cant drive it I did everything right and followed the instructions.. I said it was supposed to be done I said now ive got to take 2cabs and 2 buses a day to get to work and back he said I don’t see what that’s got to do with me…I’m like what you say really?? he said yea really..So next day he calls early says I cant get it right but I did every thing right ill call you later..So he txt messages me later that night and says hey to diagnose your vehicle anymore cause i did the job i was supposed to do is gonna be 75 a hr from here on out..I said well you agreed to fix it for $500 flat and you its not working you txt me saying u flooded my engine ive saved all my txt messages I filed a report with the attorney general also the Arizona better business bureau ripp off report and I will be going to many blogs agencies that I can.. DO NOT GET SERVICE FROM LUCKY 11 HOT RODS he is a SCAM he has a messy shop wich should have been my frist clue.. he has 1 car in his shop a ford rancher o belongs to a customer been in his shop for months on end that’s all he talks about that hes done he says my cams too big Holley laughed my new mechanic company laughed said what? do not do business with Nick n.. I don’t even think he is licensed as a mechanic at all.. Ive saved all txt messages he also wrote if its not my fault you wont have to pay for it well ive got it documented faulty install guys go there if you want for your self see how he is slow and has to call his dad and ask questions on what to do with a Chevy 350 engine most basic engine on earth.. IM furious This place will go down period

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Address: 5630 n. 51st ave glendale, Arizona United States of America

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Phone: 602-718-4114