I thought I was safe ordering from LuckyVitamin.com. Their shipping was free for a large order and prices were good. Turns out I will never order from them again! Their shipping time is rediculously long compared to drugstore.com and iHerb.com. Plus, the last 2 orders from them were an issue. nPlease check out Vitacost.com. They have GREAT prices and seem to have online coupons everywhere. I’ve ordered from iHerb and they also have great prices and very quick shipping. Goodbye LuckyVitamin! nSeveral months ago, something was on backorder from my LuckyVitamin.com order. The item never came back in stock – yet it was on their website when I ordered as available. Then most recently, I orderd a large order for $150+ and the organic diaper ointment was chunky and obviously expired or something. My baby also got very red from it. I only used it once. The chunks in it did not seem normal and not very comforable for my baby girl. nSo I emailed LuckyVitamin and here was their response (keep in mind their website states 100% satisfaction guaranteed and they’ll do anything to ensure you’re happy with your purchase). Also, bear in mind that I used the product 1 time which is when I discovered it was rancid or old. I love how they call it a USED item! nThey expect ME to contact the vendor? Don’t think so. I ended up calling my American Express and they removed the charge ….it is not MY job to contact the manufacturer who supplied Lucky Vitamin with a rancid product. (Nature’s Baby organic diaper cream). Note the customer service rep stated that “hopefully”” the manufacturer will issue a replacement or credit and that I should get the name of the rep at the manufacturer I speak with. This means I need to then call LuckyVitamin back to get my credit? I guess I’d get a credit only if I’m LUCKY! No thank you Elisa at LuckyVitamin – I have enough items on my to do list – which is why I shop online (to save time). n””Unfortunately we can not issue credit on a used item. However

I can give you the contact number for this manufacturer. Because you did use the product there is no refund however the manufacturer should be able to back there product up by quality ingredients””. nMajorinternetshoppernchicago


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