I ordered their trial of two products. I did not see that I was definately signing up for an ongoing order– it must have been in the fine print. I thought if I like the product I would order more. A month later they charged my account $193.33 for two containers of face cream. And said it was an ongoing contract. | They never notified me that this was going to happen. I disputed it through my bank and the company sent them tons of paperwork I have never seen saying I was committed to this contract. To me, this kind of committment should have been in HUGE LETTERS ON THE SITE– and very clear– and, if I needed to contact them to cancel it, I should have been notified by email that it was time– or that I would start receiving the product and be charged for it. | IT IS SO UNDERHANDED, SNEAKY, SLIPPERY. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I returned the product to them– and actually never received one of the two products I was charged outrageously for. When I tried to call them, the woman on the phone could barely speak English, which is hard for a hearing impaired person like me– and seemed to be operating from a script– and kept offering me a 33% discount or something. | She finally hung up on me. I AM SO ANGRY. Plus, I am not wealthy. I cannot afford this kind of crap. AND THEIR PRODUCT WAS CRAP ALSO.


  • Name: Luminescent Glow Beauty
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Diego
  • Address: 302 Washington St #150-9935
  • Phone: 833-554-7714
  • Website: shopluminescentglowbeauty.com/