I ordered Luminous Renewal, a serum to fight wrinkles, from the internet for the cost of shipping. I didn’t open the package for a couple of weeks because I had other products I was using up. I didn’t see anywhere that I needed to tell them within two weeks that I wanted to cancel the product or be charged full price (84.95) and not be enrolled in automatic shipment when I ordered. There was a small card in the package that did give the instructions that i had to call within 15 days to cancel. That time had already passed by the time I opened the package. Imagine my surprise when I saw the charge on my credit card. After using the product for two weeks (and not noticing a difference in my skin), the pump stopped pumping the product out of the bottle. I opened it up and there wasn’t a tube from the pump like there normally is in pump bottles so the product in most of the bottle couldn’t be pumped out. I called the customer service and told them they’d sent me a defective product and that I wanted a full refund. They originally said no refund, then 15% refund and then on up to 75%. I finally asked to speak to a manager and then was told that they would give me a full refund with product return. As an aside, I had also ordered a sister product, Firmalogic at the same time. This one did not have a card in it instructing the buyer that there were 15 days to cancel and I was charged full price for that. I did cancel the automatic shipment on both products. Haven’t tried the Firmaalogic yet.

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