Sold a wrecked car with clean carfax


My Complaint: I purchased a 2006 BMW 750 LI. I live 425 miles away. I was told this car was mint condition by the salesman. I specifically asked about the floormats and was told there were all there. I was satisfied being the owner of car lot’s car, and the “mint” description. I purchased a plane ticket and flew out. On arrival, noticed the car had been backed into something, or been hit at a slow speed. Huge door ding on right rear door, the headlights do not work properly and the passenger side was not installed properly after a crash. Bolts were missing. Right rear door has NO power to it for any function. All 4 wheels have curb rash. And to top it off, 4 days after purchase the car now has a gasoline leak. I did not see a lot of this because I was in a hurry to get home after a 3 hour flight delay. I could not have know about the headlights, but found out on the way home as it got dark. I could not have known about the gas leak, but found it after being parked in my garage. I did receive $400 on my arrival for the rear accident and door ding. Everything else was not found until later. I have tried to contact the company, the salesman, and sales manager who only ignores my calls.


My Demand: FULL refund and pick up car