Repeatedly trying to get the flooring you must pre-pay for installed! On first visit, they didn”t bring enough carpet, didn”t finish vinyl install, no baseboards, no thresholds/borders between carpet and vinyl, and wrong color quarter round was installed. The they didn”t show up for the appointment today, after calling to say they”d be there between 11-12. I called at 1pm and they talked to the installer who said their earlier job ran over and they”d be 1-1.5 hours later. I called at 3 pm and they said that there was no installation planned for today! No notes on all the thing that are wrong and the parts that were never brought. I”ve spent from 7/19 to today (8/24) trying to get this installed! I still have bare concrete floors, unraveling carpets, no baseboards so furniture in the middle of the room, and piles of uninstalled vinyl in the living room/hall. They have not stuck to any commitments made yet. Awful experience.
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