Complaint: This marketing ad is a complete rip off!! They use JOANNA GAINES name and picture and tell you she is leaving HGTV to start a skin care line. Thinking that she loves natural products, I decided to purchase the FREE TRIAL for just $4.99 shipping and handling. It says 14 day trial, but does not tell you they will bill you an additional $97 PER BOTTLE after 14 days if you don’t cancel!! THIS IS A SCAM MARKETING PLOY. Nobody ever reads those fine lines, folks! If you don’t put a reminder to cancel in 14 days they bill you $97 per bottle. I ordered 2 for $10 total and was billed almost $200!!!! I called and complained and wanted my money back. They HUNG UP ON ME!! I called my bank and disputed the charge. I am not sure if I will win, since it was after the 14 day period, but I am trying. PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!! RIP OFF artists!! AND they change the company name with each marketing ad so you can’t catch them, you can’t find their web site either! This was LUXIA skin care, and it happened to others with a different name of the company, but they still use JOANNA GAINES in the marketing ad!

Tags: Celebrities

Address: Pennsylvania USA

Website: 865 Dolington Acres Rd

Phone: (877) 721- 3344