Order free sample of product and paid the shipping and handling. I did receive the free samples and used for about 2 weeks and wasn’t impressed with product so I quit using it. But wasn’t long after I receive 2 more jars of product with a bill showing they took $139.90 out of my account. I went and called that very day and was given the address to return cream to which I did. I waited about 6 weeks and called 1-800-564-1623 and spoke to CS rep who told me they received product back but it takes 50 days before I would receive refund. I waited and started calling in August and each time was told something different and each time I asked to be transferred to Supvisor was told they couldn’t do that. So I called again the first week of November and was told it would be a few more days. I called on 11-12-15 and was told they tried to refund my account on August 26, 2015 was refund was refused and I need to check with my bank. I went to my back on 11-13-15 and talked to them states they have no record of such transaction. So I came home and called the company again was told they would e-mail something to take to the bank but never received anything. I also checked the address 87 Taft Ave Newburgh Ny and it’s a empty building that is up for sale. I probably will not received my money back from this so called company. But I guarantee you II’m going to let anyone who will listen to stay away from from this Company and product Luxoderm e-mail address www.luxoderm.com. Rip off COMPANY!!!!!!!!


  • Name: Luxoderm
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 866-581-9436
  • Website: