I too have been ripped off by Mayan Resorts and Luxury Resort Management. I bought in a Mayan timeshare in Mexico, Neuvo Vallarta, in early 2009. Mayan said they have a realtionship with Luxury Resort Management who will guarantee they would sell my other timeshare. In addition to the timeshare salesperson, I was also told this by his sales manager. I even asked to speak to the VP at Luxury Resort Management to hea this guarantee from him. The sales manager dialed her cell and I spoke with the VP. Needless to say, nothing ever happen and my time share never was sold. Many times I talked with Luxury Resort Management and it was always, ” we are trying

some interest

contact us back in x months.”” Now there is no working phone number for Luxuary Resort Management and their website is blank. I went back to Neuvo Vallarta late 2009 and revisted the Mayan. The same sales person who lied to me about Luxury Resort Management and guaranteed the sale of my other time share was still working there! When I confronted the floor sales manager he said

“”people make mistakes

“” I said