I purchase this H-27 steam bath on 2/18/14 from Luxury Spa Inc for $1995.00. Its been a week and I am still dealing with leaks. The fittings that came on the shower/bath were inferior and treaded inproperly. It was necessary to purchase all new fittings at a hardware store at an extra expense of $145.00. There were no instructions that came with the bath for electrical hook up. The doors also leak along with the drain. When I attempted to contact the company it took two days to get someone on the phone only to be told that they don’t give customer support over the phone I would have to send an email. It took another two days to get the information I needed on the electrical. It is obvious this company is well aware of the inferior product they are selling to the US comsumer which is why they don’t answer their phone. Its been a week and I still don’t have a working shower the leaks continue and now the rain shower head is leaking and won’t turn all the way off. And of cause they don’t talk to you on the phone so another email has gone out and I will wait another two days to get a response. I have to tell you this is the second steam bath that I have purchased the first was purchased by Steamshowers4less.com and was installed in two hours and I had nothing but great relaxing time with it for 9 years. The value broke after 9 years and I called the company who answered immediately and gave me assistance to find the value along with staying on the phone with me giving insturctions on how to take out the old one and install the new one. I did however deside to purchase a new shower unforturnately they didn’t have the size I wanted this time so I purchased from Luxury what a huge mistake. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy from this company I have regretted this from day one and will continue to regret it.




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