Beware they are back and they are at hit hard


My Complaint: First off I woke up to no alerts, never had any letters in mail, never had a call, and never even knew what was about to happen.

I went to check my credit score in the morning. There it was a collections account in the red reported by LVNV Funding LLC. They were stating I owed a weird amount of $559 on a capital one card.

When I called the number they informed me I opened it sometime in 2015/2016. They couldnt even give me the correct date. They instructed that there is nothing they could do and that I would have to pay.

I called all the major companies and reported this fraud. There was no way I would have had a card at that time. My credit was so bad during the college era. I couldnt even get accepted by anyone. Yet here this card is saying it had $559 on it. Do you know what I could have enjoyed with a extra $559?

Filed fraud and called the local cops. We searched the company and etc finding that this here.. was a scam obvi.
Later that night I also received a call stating that I was charged with all these misdemeanors. They then instructed me they would settle outside of court. Funny thing.. it was a recording lol!

All I can say is that before this all happened. I was applying for a debt consolidation loan. Using this site and BAM all of a sudden massive calls and then this.…



My Demand: That this company finally be held liable for their actions. If we have to be then so do they.