Me and my husband were on a break trying to sort out some differences… we had some issues with him not taking up for me to his mother… but that’s a different story. . || My husband and I very much so in love…. or so I thought. Was apparently sleeping with someone else. Of course he was still feeding me full of I love yous go in me money coming by telling me we would work it out…. || Lets not forget we have three kids together. I was pregnant at the time and we had a two year old and 5 month old. || Anyway the woman was clearly only after him for his money… She lived with her aunt and cousins in the slums. And was too busy clubbing to work for her own home instead she thought id step aside while she wiggled her fat ass into my bed… no fucking thanks. || Me and my husband are now attending therapy and doing very well he is kept on a tight leash as am I and our phones are open at any given moment we also now have the same workplace and shift… || This is one nasty homewrecker who didn’t quite succeed… but has most definitely messed our home up. We are just strong enough to rebuild… || To all you other victims stay strong ladies.