Complaint: Lydia L. King, PLLC intentionally subverted this clientu2019s case. Lydia L. King, of Lancaster, Warsaw, and Montross, Virginia, allowed herslef to be pressured by the defendant’s lawyer, who lavishly wined and dined her, into immediately dropping my case the next day with full knowledge that doing so left me entirely without recourse. Her actions were in violation of Virginia State Bar (VSB) Rule Rules of Professional Conduct Rules 1.16(b)(d) “TERMINATING OR DECLINING REPRESENTATION; (b) a lawyer may withdraw from representing a client if withdrawal can be accomplished without material adverse affect on the interests of the client

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Address: or if: (d) Upon termination of representation

Website: allowing time for employment of other counsel

Phone: a lawyer shall take steps to the extent reasonable practicable to protect a clientu2019s interests