I have been married for 25 years. My husband and I had generally had a good, close marriage. But starting in 2012, we went through a job loss, depression, stress, and financial strain. Lydia Zarate began”coincidentally” bumping into my husband and I everywhere we went. She knew us both and she knew we have been married for 25 years. Then she began”running into” my husband at the coffee shop he would go to in the morning. She began a campaign of excessive flirting and come ons with him. She told him everything he needed to hear to help his ailing ego. Then she”ran into” him at a restaurant and convinced him to”just have a drink” with her. Once my stupid husband was drunk she followed him back across the street to our warehouse. She came in to him again and screwed him right there in a cold, dirty warehouse with no furniture or bed. She f**ked like an animal in the gutter. I caught them there after the fact. My husband passed out and her hiding in my place of business. She refused to leave and I had to have her physically removed from the property. I told her I had better never see her again and to stay the hell away from us. || Well unknown to me, they continued the relationship in secret. She slept with my husband for two and one half years before he admitted to it. She called my husband’s phone at late night hours asking him to come over so they could have sex. When he told her it had to end she ramped up the calls and began apparently stalking me! She”ran into” me in the store 3 times in one week! She tried and pressured him and even threatened him to divorce me. Even when he told her NO multiple times. She insisted he spend Christmas and Valentine’s Day with her. He told her NO. She kept on. He told her he was in counseling in order to deal with his problems and to repair our marriage. He told her that what he had done with her was wrong and that he had problems he wanted to deal with. She told him,”there’s nothing wrong with you. Those counsellors don’t know what they’re talking about. You just need to come live with me.” || She is classless, immoral and characterless. She has wreaked havoc on our struggling family. She doesn’t care whose family and marriage she breaks up or whose life she destroys. In fact she was actively trying to destroy my marriage. It doesn’t bother her in the least to sleep with a married man. She’s just a gold digger and a homewrecker! Ladies beware of this bitch whore. Lydia Zarate in Fort Worth Texas in (removed) Better keep your man under wraps or she’ll be screwing him anywhere any time.