Complaint: Nobody believes me when I tell them what happened to me at Carriage Place Apartments managed by Lynd property management company. During a time when LYND property management was the major sponser for a program for homeless veterans indorsed by the Mayor of Houston they went to great legths to deny my rights and threw me out of my apartment over a water bill. At that time they taped or placed a water bill on your door and being new I did not see it on my door it must have been blown away by the wind because it was stuffed in the door or taped on the door. When the office notified me that I owed a water bill I told them I would have to pay it on my next pay day, they said no problem but the next thing I knew I had a bill from the office for over $1000 (one thousand dollors) in late fee’s because they told me that since I did not pay the water bill the automatically deducted it out of my rent which left me owing late fee’s. To make a long story short I fought them in court for and won one battle after several months of fighting defending myself but the judge fooled me and did not award me any damages just told me I won (matter of court record) but did not grant me the damages I requested, that is when I found out how crooked the court system is against renters. I was left homeless and they ruined my credit and life I could not get a new apartment for a long time because of the eviction and at one point had to sleep in my car and had a large amount of money that was a judgment against me. I could go on and on it is a long very sad story. That should not happen to a dog let alone a veteran. The Mistreated Veteran

Tags: Landlords

Address: 505 Wells Fargo Houston, Texas USA


Phone: 281-444-9335