We used Lynn Goods to remodel/restyle our home. She is a definite scam artist. Asking for money daily when work was not done. She claims to have to pay her team in advance and often. You are at her mercy when she tears apart your home and doesn’t put it back together unless you pay her $ that was never agreed to upfront. She claims to give you, “actual costs”” on all work/supplies and then adds her 35% fee. She actually doubles her costs then adds the 35% often double billing because she has suchinaccurate bookkeeping. Lynn is all talk. Often showing up at your home with items you never ordered and claiming you did only to stick you with the bill. I would recommend using a more honest and proven decorator. Lynn is not! I am not sure how she can take advantage of so many and get away with it. Especially

in Naples

Florida. Beware!”

1247 Solana Rd Naples, Florida USA